Dei Pasangala,

Participate in this innovative unorthodox quiz that mama has painstakingly created even in this vayasaana kaalathula. Yen, pasanga mela paasam. Below are the rules

  • In total, there are 5 questions.

  • The quiz starts with a question providing vague details about the player. Select the player you think is right from the drop down menu. Drop down menu has 6 choices.

  • Two more hints will be provided should you get the answer wrong

  • If you pick the right answer without using any hints, you will be awarded 10 points. Every hint you use would entail deduction of 2 points.

  • Questions are sequential. You can proceed to the next question only if you get the correct answer for the current one.

  • You can score a maximum of 50 points. Mama will update the leaderboard every week.

So ready a?. Action block a irundha enjoy pannunga. Onnume illana mannichidunga